You may say I’m a tapper, but I’m not the only one

Idle games are my guilty addiction.

It could be because, at my station in life, I get a dopamine hit from accomplishing things. Or it could be because these games are designed to form an addiction. Possibly because I don’t have the time to invest in “real” games. Maybe because generally when you “check on” these games, there’s always something there for you. Or because of all those things. But I must say I am addicted.

Perhaps it started with Dogeminer, which I actually wrote a script for… I was definitely hooked on Adventure Capitalist for a while. Now I play the sequel Adventure Communist. They are simple enough, you tap something to generate resources, which allows you to buy more things that generate more resources, and upgrade those things, ad nauseam. I really like NimbleBit’s take — Bit City.

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Twin City

I’m still trying to get to the last moon city on this one. I’ve literally been playing it on and off for years.

Another one I enjoy is Egg Inc., another game I’ve been playing for years, and I still haven’t gotten to the end. (I’ve gotten the last egg but haven’t earned the diamond trophy for it yet). I discovered Egg Inc. because the developer made Zombie Highway (1 and 2) — a completely different game I was hooked on for a while.

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The Universe egg on Egg Inc.

A more recent favorite is Sprout: Idle Garden, but I quickly finished that game. The graphics are beautiful though. Here’s a maze I made in the game:

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Bud Farm had me for a while, but somehow I lost interest. There are others I’ve dabbled in… Greening the planet, Cats are Cute, and some of the various “merge” incarnations.

Am I missing out on any other good ones?

The interesting thing about all these games is that they seem to have a HUGE user base. How do I know? There are a few clues…

  • Most have a very active sub reddit and discord
  • They have fan-maintained wikis
  • For missions or “coops” which allow multiple players to team up, teams quickly fill up when posted on reddit/discord
  • I’m never anywhere near the top scores and I do pretty well

So even though I don’t know any idle gamers IRL, I know you’re out there! Anyone want to build an idle game with me? 🙂

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Dreamer and schemer, designer turned developer. Lover of music and fine ales.

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