What are you doing Instagram?

If the logo redesign has you scratching your head, I’m with you. Subjectivity aside, why weren’t you building a re-post feature? Or why weren’t you combining all of your photo-editing apps into Instagram so I don’t have to have a bunch of extra apps?

Instead you spent 9 months gestating a cliché logo? Wait you’re saying it took 9 months to simply copy a design trend? I think a re-post feature would’ve taken maybe half that, or less?

Image for post
Image for post

Perhaps most disappointing is that you couldn’t somehow keep the endearing brown color with the little rainbow. Please don’t say a gradient using a slice of the spectrum is a rainbow, because it’s not.

But enough about that, you’re one of the hottest social media platforms out there, and you’re ignoring the fact that there’s a cottage industry of apps [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc] devoted to reposting on Instagram — which are de-facto sanctioned! So weird!

To top it all off you went with a retina-blasting dark-on-light UI overhaul. The hubris has gotten to be a bit much.

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