Relics of a bygone web era

Today, I am moving servers, since my webserver’s version of Ubuntu has been EOL (for several years). An unfortunate byproduct is that I have to say goodbye to my old WordPress blog which I made back in 2008, because it’s just not worth it to restore a non-mobile friendly blog that I stopped writing on. (I moved it here for now).

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  1. niftycube.js, and it’s accompanying niftyCorners.css — these files made it possible to have rounded corners on things. Nowadays you kids just puppet a vagrant or whatever and you have a whole site built for you by a grunt… or a gulp. WHATEVER. Kids these days.
  2. swfobject.js — sigh. That’s how we embedded .swfs children. What’s a swf? That’s a compiled Flash file! Flash was the bread and butter of the internet at one time. Without swfobject.js, IE would puke an error message when you tried to embed a .swf in an <embed> tag, which is how we put Flash on the web.
  3. style-ie6.css— included with that weird comment conditional that only IE recognized… People complain about IE9 these days. HA! You don’t know what hell is until you’ve tried to make floated divs look right in IE6.
  4. — This was the incredible work of Jason Johnston, which consisted of a huge group of CSS3 polyfils for IE. You could include this file, along with using the obscure CSS property behavior in classes, linking to it, and get all that CSS3 goodness in IE. What a godsend.

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Dreamer and schemer, designer turned developer. Lover of music and fine ales.

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