Hey James, I read your caveat at the end, that this isn’t what you want. If that’s the case I wonder why you suggest it. Helping an open platform be more open would be better than helping it be more closed, don’t you think? Why not instead suggest the following:

  1. Apple should lower their take for content subscriptions paid for in-app to 15% or less
  2. Apple should allow podcast apps to direct users outside the app to pay for content subscriptions
  3. Apple should create api’s for frictionless subscription to private rss feeds

Consider the implications of this. Apple would be continuing to fulfill its goal of supporting the open platform of podcasts, while also nurturing creators with more monetization opportunities that no single entity controls. This would also make content subscriptions sustainable for indies instead of just juggernauts like Spotify. If you can easily offer your listeners a subscription without joining Spotfy’s network, and being under Spotify’s thumb, why would you?

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Dreamer and schemer, designer turned developer. Lover of music and fine ales.

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