Don’t follow the president’s example

Trump’s latest travel ban is absurd. It’s clear and unfiltered xenophobia, since he includes Muslim-majority nations, and yet excludes countries from the ban where the US has economic interests but yet still have been historically sources of terrorists.

While Trump seeks to build walls, it’s tempting to shut down communication with his supporters. Don’t silence yourself but also don’t put a wall around yourself to exclude communication that’s outside your bubble. Always keep the dialog open.

Trump tries to publicly discredit press that’s critical of him. He sends his press secretary to support the alternate reality where whatever he wants to believe is true, about crowd sizes or whatever else. Then he tells us to ignore the press that’s critical of him. He tries to justify an investigation into voter fraud, claiming millions of fraudulent votes, in the face of evidence to the contrary, and its entire purpose is to prop up his ego.

Don’t try to silence those critical of you or your beliefs. Don’t create an alternate reality to support what you want to believe. Be open to criticism. Be solid enough in your own beliefs to not care about what’s being said to the contrary.

Scroll through Trump’s Twitter feed and read some of the most adversarial, confrontational and hateful rhetoric on the Twitter service. Here’s a tweet I’d like to highlight. Despite meeting with Chicago Mayor Rahm Immanuel just weeks prior at Trump Tower, Trump tweeted this:

Trump uses his megaphone to bully. Wouldn’t it have been nice if that tweet read something like this instead:

“I’m working with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the FBI to end the violence there. Let’s all work together to help Chicago.”

Don’t threaten. Collaborate.

Trump is setting an example that’s bad for everyone. He’s demonstrated so many negative values that it’s important to remember: do not mirror this behavior, no matter how angry it makes you. This is not how to act.

Listen to your friends and family, especially those who disagree with you. Be open to criticism. Be confident in your values. And let’s all work together instead of against each other to confront the issues we face.

Dreamer and schemer, designer turned developer. Lover of music and fine ales.

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